HCL absorption system
HCL absorption system
Classification:Chemical fertilizer equipment
Release Date:2018/9/22

We are specialized in the design, manufacture, installation and technology transfer of production guidance of potassium sulphate production equipment. Based on German Mannheim Furnace, by working over its principle and construction, we improve the construction and material of furnace to achieve even heating, complete reaction and low energy consumption. New material and technology is applied to the part of hydrochloric acid absorption, thus absorption efficiency is enhanced and environmental issue is also well resolved. 

We have several localized professional designers and groups of equipment installation, reactor piling up, process operation guidance with years of skilled experience, which guarantee smooth and stable proceeding of design, manufacture, installation and production guidance of the equipment.


Our company can provide the whole set potassium sulfate production equipment,we can provide the service from design,manufacturer to installation and commissioning,the process is Mannheim furnace.One set plant capacity is 10,000 tons per year,how many capacity you need,how many sets of equipment you can got.For the burning system,can choose by user,we can provide natural gas,oil and goal,for the control system,we can provide MCC,PLC and DCS,for the finished product type,we can provide powder and granule.We have many years experience to design and manufacturer the SOP plant, And our primary products include organic fertilizer equipment, inorganic fertilizer equipment, urea granulation process equipment, and more. They are all made of high quality raw materials and are also environmentally friendly. our plant had export to Saudi Arabia,Egypt,Brazil,Philippines, Indonesia,etc.


1  Technical advantage 

1. Some key components of our potassium sulfate fertilizer equipment are made of special materials which are corrosion resistant and durable. Hence, this fertilizer equipment also features long service life.

2. Waste recovery system to recycle hydrochloride acid (HCl) and meet environment requirements

3. Adjusted original HCl absorption system, improved on the quality of the final product.

4. Improved the flue design in the furnace which can make full use of energy and save energy consumption.

5. Used PLC automatic control system to control manufacturing the products, adjust the ratio of feedstock, and saved the labor cost.

6  Adopt gas generator replacing other heating method 

7 Stable production and easy operation.

8. Large output& Low coal consumption.

2 Overall operation advantage

1.Professional logistic team, rich experience on container transportation and bulk transport.

2. Powerful customs clearance ability.

3. Complete database of cargoes, especially detailed information for set of SOP .etc equipment suppliers and shipping.

4. Strong ability to integrate the export and import documents. Such as customs clearance documents, C/O, and embassy certification documents, etc.

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