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  Portable tensile device traction beds
  Product introduction
  1.this product appearance elegant, luxurious humanized design, compact structure, steel is strong, in the same industry numerous traction beds production technology field in a leading position, quality first.
  2.neck lumbar traction of the bed surface of bed may go forward sliding, people lie above natural adjust, change neck lumbar muscle, ligaments, fascia, articular soft tissue and help restore natural shape.
Main function:
  (1) the waist of fixed and braking traction, role: in force and the balance of reaction condition, by force of the waist at a relatively fixed, waist line state normal column range of movement and amplitude is bed rest and wear waist to limit when further, in order to reduce or eliminate the local congestion, oozy, edema, etc inflammatory reaction.
  (2) flabby back muscle: prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc, pressure or because spinal stimulated, usually accompanied by back muscle spasm, such not only led to the waist pain symptoms, but also will constitute of lumbar line sayana listed. Traction, can gradually make lumbar back muscle relaxation, relieve muscle spasm.
  (3) resume normal column of lumbar line: in traction, if the lumbar spine patients will be placed in physiology curve shape, with traction the extension of time, the phenomenon of corruptive listed line can gradually restored to normal.
  (4) improve protrusions and neural relations between: for prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc light or early patients, traction therapy can be making vertebra gap was led gradually open and good for the protrusions HaiNa.

  Pregnant women, have hemorrhagic tendency, malignant tumor, high fever, traction area fracture, lumbar tuberculosis and lesions, serious heart disease, hypertension disabled.

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