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All sorts of medical apparatus
Wash the feet of nursing can wash bed

  Wash the feet of nursing can wash bed! Have guardrails! There came hole! Can be turned into a wheelchair! Can become table!

  Easy nursing, Yang, down, up, sit, very convenient.
  This product is the most complete functions at present home (medical) nursing beds, not only can realize PingWo, half lie, sits etc form more patients shampoo, can satisfy the need of daily caring urine, etc. And equipped with infusion frame, mensal, standard accessories, such as to meet the needs of patients, more can reduce nursing care stress, relieve nursing staff burden

  The bed is aimed at a hospital and the life cannot provide for oneself of patients, the disabled, critically ill patient, paralysis patients of the special needs and design, solve the long-cherished widespread patient urine, eating, mobile, reading, writing and entertainment difficult, and other aspects of problems. And meet the physiological and psychological demands, improve recovery force, and greatly relieves nursing burden. Wheelchair style design, the patient lay in bed can adjust PingWo, half lie, straight sit three posture. It can also leg Angle adjustment, The patient is still in bed and read, write, repast, contain and toilet design, let a person can also in bed, urinate. The humanized design, solved a series of nursing difficult question.

  Easy care:

  Sit-ups very square SHXX or cleaning the lower all can pull handle, outward and shake the handle, bedpan will automatically enter or exit the patient buttock, then empress remove bedpan, hand operated namely restorable. Another equipped with infusion frame, table face, and is equipped with seat belts, meet different needs. No matter in any position, the patient can all urine.
  Applicable to cannot bed or inconvenience bed of elderly patients, providing them with autotherapy, treatment, travel and daily life must of intensive care services, to enhance nursing level, improve the quality of life of patients, especially suitable for family, community health care institutions, nursing homes, this elderly patient hospital use.

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