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Complete sets of sulfuric acid production equipment
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FRP electrolytic cell
Lon-exchange FRP tank
FRP mould pressing manhole covers
Other FRP products
Various types of rubber roller
Heating equipment(Radiators)
Amino acid
All sorts of medical apparatus
Sectional water tank
Sectional Hot Galvanized Steel Panel Water Tank
  Hot galvanized steel panel water tank is to choose different panels, (Q235, using large hydraulic press moulding machine to mould different unit plate (1000 x 1000 mm, 1000 x 500 mm, 500 x 500 mm), with the hot dip galvanized bolts, sealing link, it can be connected into different specifications and different forms of water tank.
We can assemble water tank with volume from 0.125~1200cbm.
  The water tank is of convenient and flexible assembly, without deformation,strong vibration resistance, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning and long service life etc.
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