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Sectional water tank
SMC sectional water tank is assembled
SMC sectional water tank is assembled Water tank assembly drawings
  1.bottom panel 2.wall panel panel 4.maintenance hole 5.ventilation hole 6.inner ladder 7.outer ladder 8.tiepiece 9.vertical reinforcing ribs 10.connecting flange 11.steel base 12.concrete base
  SMC sectional water tank is assembled by SMC molded panels, sealing materials,metal structure components and piping system.
  Single panel specification (the sizes can be customized if needed) 1000×1000mm,1000×500mm,500×500mm. We can assemble water tank with volume from 0.125~1200 CBM.
  SMC sectional water tank is the new type adapted in the world presently, Its unique performance thoroughly solved the concrete tank big weight, easy to leakage and pollution problems. It has the features of without leakage, light weight, good water quality, nice appearance, long service life, easy to installation, etc.
Product Storage Area
  1、When ordering, the user should put forward if store hot water or other liquids (Chemicals grease etc.), and avoid the water tank internal heat (it is strictly prohibited to steam heating).
  2、The users need to regular check whether the steel parts of water tank is loose, corrosion and deformation, etc in the using process.
  3、For the convenience of installation and maintenance, it should be have certain space in the water tank around, top≥500mm, around≥700mm
  4、It does not allow other pressure working in the SMC water tank internal (if any should be informed the company in advance)
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