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FRP septic tank [Introduction] Small septic tank [Introduction]
   This product used high strength glass fiber reinforced plastic composite material, it has good resistance to tension, compression, resist compression, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, high strength etc. characteristic; no leakage, and thoroughly resolve brick pool groundwater pollution, improve the environment. The user can be according to the requirement of water quality to choose different types of products.
PE septic tank PE septic tank
PE septic tank PE septic tank
  PE septic tank,use high quality environment friendly type HDPE raw material through mould pressing molding by once,make the septic tank whole set seamless,not need welding,can ensure the septic tank during the making no poisonous,tasteless,no pollution,whole sealing,antiseep,resistance to acid and alkali,corrosion resistance,durable,normal use can more than 50 years,eliminates the questions that the brick septic tank not adapt the acid and alkali conditions and leakage.
  PE is engineering plastics which non-poisonous,tasteless,hardness and heat resistance also superior to LDPE,can use around the 100°,have good electrical performance and high frequency insulativity,not effect by the humidity .Characteristic:
  1.Good heat resistance and cold resistance,use temperature can reach to 100°
  2. Mechanical property(stretch,bending,compress,shear strength and hardness all superior to LDPE,good abrasive resistance)
  3.Good dielectric properties(insulation material)
  4.Good chemical stability,under the indoor temperature not dissolve in any organic solvent,resistance for acid,alkali,salt.
  5.Low water absorbing quality and steam transmittance(good material for backing)
  Ultra-high molecular weight PE is engineering plastic have good quality performance, like:wear resistance for board,shock resistance,low friction coefficient,good self-lubricating property,good low temperature resistance and chemical resistance etc.
  1.High wear resistance.HMW(high molecular weight) PE one of the most striking property is it have high wear resistance,this property is very valuable in many engineering application.At the moment all the plastic,the wear resistance is best,many metal(like:carbon steel,stainless steel bronze etc.) material’s wear resistance can not so as it.With the increase of the PE molecular weight,the material will more wear resistance.
  2.High shock resistance.HMW PE shock strength connected with its molecular weight,when molecular weight lower than 200 ten thousand,with the increase of the molecular weight,the shock strength increase.During 200 ten thousand around can reach to the peak value,after the peak value,with the increase of the molecular weight,the shock strength will down.This is due to the molecular chain interfered its crystallization,so in the large molecular exist more amorphous region,so can absorb more chock strength.
  3.Low water absorbing property.Ultra-high molecular weight PE low water absorbing property,it almost not water absorption,under the water not expand,the water absorption property lower than the nylon.
  PE septic tank structure and technical principle
  1.Precipitation decay area:precipitation for the sanitary wastewater,the high specific gravity substance sink into the bottom of the pool to sewage treatment,low specific gravity part floating upper the water,can fish out from the cleaning outlet,then the waste water at this time can produce the sewage role,and produced the high strength adaptation and activity microbial population,make a part of complicated structure different to decompose organic matter,degradation to substance which easy to decompose.
  2.Clapboard:put the once-through water convert into the circle-through water,increase the sewage residence time in the tank,make the sewage in the tank with the sludge resolving time too long,produce more microorganism,to sewage do resolve and swallow.
  3.Filter treatment area:the function is make the sewage in this area to the further treatment,put the COD in the sewage convert into the harmless inorganic substance,this is the key part of the equipment.It used the technical shape stand by the relevent scientific research units through many research,practical,design and provide the domestic and overseas advanced biomembrance process treatment technical.
  Application range:
  The place sanitary sewage treatment,like:residential communities,office building,hotels,school, hospital,barracks,public toilet,crowd residential buildings processing enterprise drainage treatment.
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