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Fiberglass reinforced plastic(FRP) pipe winding machine
  Our company produced the FRP pipe winding machine used from Germany import Siemens programmable logic controller control,this equipment the interface between the person and the machine is reasonable,after input the exactly product parameter,can finished the process of product loop and cross winding automatically.

  This equipment usually used for winding the diameter Φ50-1500mm inner FRP cable pipe,FRP chimney,sewage pipe,desulfurizing tower manufactured pipe,also used for other industry manufacturer line type winding product.It has many characteristics like:high positioning accuracy, strong anti-interference ability,easy to operation and adjustment,flexible assembly,high efficient production,multi-usage,easy to operation,have widely used.

  Control system:FRP tank winding system:cross condition(automatic),loop condition(can automatic also can semi-automatic),forward and reverse winding,emergency cut-off and stepless speed regulation etc function.It should not affect the linearity when the function of stepless speed regulation has been started.

  Winding machine whole set constitute part

  1. The interface between the person and the machine use touch screen.
  2. Siemens PLC(programmable logic controller)
  3. Trolley servo system.
  4. Main shaft frequency conversion system or magnetic drive system.
  5. Trolley run track(≤15m):including cycloid pin reduction gears, servo motor(Schneider),run chain,chain tight organization,import Omron encoder etc.
  6. Drive head(triaxial):including gear reducer and chain wheel,chain,common motor,encoder etc.
  7. Removable tank,support frame.
  8. Winding trolley:including comb-shaped resin-soaking trough with controlling device, conducting wire etc.
  9. Roving framework with tension control system
  10. Control cabinet(the interface between person and machine)
  11. Curing station,repairring machine,moulding machine

  Technical parameters

  1. Production max.diameter:Φ50mm-Φ1500mm(also can according to the customer requirement do)
  2. Production max.length:13000mm
  3. The max.speed of conveying roving:90m/min
  4. The max. Width of roving sheet:200mm
  5. Production capacity:2000-3000kg/h
  6. Rotatory speed:n≤35r/min
  7. Winding angle:15°≤a≤45°

  FRP Winding machine
  Performance Characteristics:
  RPMP winding machine FW type is mainly used to produce and manufacture the RPMP as well as other related
FRP winding pipes. This production line is featured by the high precision of winding line, high productivity, low
energy-consuming, easy installation, adjustment and maintenance. It adopts the industrial computer control,
so the usage and operation are very convenient.

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