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Complete sets of sulfuric acid production equipment
Complete sets of potassium sulfate production equipment
Complete sets of organic manure fertilizer production equipment
FRP pipe winding equipment
FRP tank production equipment
FRP pultruded sections equipment
FRP molding equipment
FRP pipe
FRP tank
FRP cooling tower
FRP tower
Sectional water tank
FRP pultruded sections
FRP cable tray
FRP grating
FRP septic tank
FRP methane tank
FRP electrolytic cell
Lon-exchange FRP tank
FRP mould pressing manhole covers
Other FRP products
Various types of rubber roller
Heating equipment(Radiators)
Amino acid
All sorts of medical apparatus
FRP pipe
Gas pipe

  1.High flame retardant property,strong anti-static electricity property,good corrosion resistant property.
  2.Gas pipe frictional resistance small.
  3.High strength,big stiffness,light weight,good wear-resisting property
  4.Convenient to install and transportation,long service life
  5.Safe and reliable,save cost.

  1.Diameter Φ50mm-Φ2000mm,Length is 3m、4m、6m、12m(according to the user requirement)
  2.Underground coal mine used FRP pipe specifications and connection type FRP pipe kinds have bell and spigot type,flange type,splice type,loop steel flange joint type etc.

  Product application
  Main used for the underground coal mine gas drainage,coal mine used water supply and drainage,coal mine used ventilate,coal mine used whitewashing,also used other underground mining blowing-in,exhaust air and drain away water etc field.
  During the long-term use,not have any effect to the environment and energy.Due to the FRP pipe have flame retardant,anti-static performance good,high strength etc. characteristics,under the environment temperature 40℃ to -40℃ no deformation,meanwhile acid-resisting,alkali-resisting, resistance other corrosive gas,suitable for the environment conditions and working conditions underground coal mine,can ensure safety and reliable.

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