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  FRP pipe jacking application range and product characteristic:
  FRP pipe jacking usually used fiber fixed-length winding molding process,through continuous fiber winding strength pipe comprehensive mechanical property;it has many advantages like:excellent corrosion resistant(food grade) performance,light weight and high strength,transportation large flow,easy installation,short working time and low comprehensive invest,it is the best choose on urban construction,chemical industry,metallurgical industry,electric power industry,water conservancy industry,mining industry etc water supply and sewerage works project.

  1.Product feature
  This pipe laying not need to ditching,construction progress fast;
  During the jack progress,easy to correct an error,jack long distance;
  Surface smooth,light weight,small jack resistance,surface not easy to deposition, not produce the pipe locking phenomenon.
  The pipe inwall very smooth,good hydraulic water fluid characteristic;
  Have excellent performance about waterproof,seepage-proofing,chemical resistance;
  Can long-time running under the high temperature conditions,and keep good mechanical property.
  The product application environment temperature range widely,usually is -40-70℃,can resistance the sunshine exposure long-term.
  Have excellent wear-resisting property,the transmission medium can not damage for the pipe inwall;
  The product heat conductivity coefficient low,good thermal insulation properties.
  Nonhazardous,no secondary pollution
  Small proportion,light weight,easy to loading and unloading,easy to installation
  The product high design safety factor,use long service life,ensure the useful life reached to 50 years;
  The product operating maintenance cost low,good corrosion resistance performance,no need to any maintaining.
  2.Application range
  Water diversion,public waterworks,petrochemical industrial engineering,electric power engineering,constructional engineering,pollution discharge engineering, electric power,metallurgy,environmental protection engineering.
  3.Main raw material:
  Unsaturated polyester resin,glass roving,surfacing mat,chopped strand mat,silica sand etc.
  4.Molding process:fiber winding process
  5.Product specification:DN400mm-DN3600mm
  6.Pressure rating:0.25,0.6,1.0,1.6,2.0MPa
  7.Simple piece length:3m/6m or according to the requirement about the customer to produce the special product.

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