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Moulding grating Moulding grating
Moulding grating Moulding grating
Moulding grating  

  Fiberglass reinforced plastic(for short FRP) molding grating is used for unsaturated polyester resin(including between benzene type,orthophthalic type,vinyl type and phenolic type,bisphenol A type etc) as base,use fiberglass roving(middle alkali or free alkali) as skeleton on the customization mould through the special technology made up the plate material which have a certain aperture ratio.Grating through the fiberglass interlace weave,resin pouring overall mould pressingto do.FRP grating have the following characteristic:
  Fiberglass interlace weave with the resin soakage fully,make the grating extreme corrosion resistance.
  Grating whole structure make the load uniform distribution,contribute to install the grating and install support structure uniform stress.
  Grating glossy surface and italic grating surface,make the grating have self-cleaning effect.
  Grating surface camber concave make the grating have non-skid property,sanding surface skid resistance best.

  Moulding grating characteristic
  Corrosion resistance for many kinds of chemical medium,never rust,use long period,avoid to maintenance.
  Our company produced the grating is one kind of non-metallic material,it is different from the traditional metal grating,under the chemical medium function can not occur the electrochemical corrosion to rust,can not make the material structure damage,no need to regularly or irregularly check,maintenance,can not lead to the factory stop production,and not to like the metal grating due to the presence of many invisible factors,cause a series of unexpected accidents.Meanwhile,it also difference from the wood material can happen the corrosion and mildew phenomenon,it is the upgrating product of traditional iron,wood,cement material.
  Flame retardant
  Our company specially designed formula can meet the requirement of the engineer on fire,ensure to safety,the company’s product through the flame retardant test ASTME-84,have good flame retardant and fire protection performance.
  Insulation,never burning,non-magnetic
  Have mild elastic,can reduce the people fatigue,enhance the comfortable sensation,improve the work efficiency.
  Light weight,high strength,easy to cut,installation
  Due to composite by resin and fiberglass,it has small density,only the 1/4 of iron,2/3 of aluminum,but the relative strength higher than this metal,light weight,can greatly reduce the foundation support,to reduce the material cost of the project.Easy to cut and installation,no need to use the fire and large lifting equipment,only need small people and electric tools,make the installation cost are greatly reduced.
  Inside and outside color are all the same,and can choose the color,can according to the customer request to do the color,to change the place environment.
  Has good comprehensive economic benefit.
  High strength design,all kinds of dimension
  Our company can according to the customer’s request to produce the product,like different hole dimension,different overall dimension,different load request,etc.Can meet the requirement of the customer request,and can put the cutting cause the loss to lower,can save the cost to customer.

  This product can used for the following place:chemical industry,paper industry,power plant,sewage treatment plant,food progressing plant,smelting plant,mine,saltern,nuclear power plant,battery factory etc.Can do:manway, bridge plate,industrial flooring,operating deck,gutter cover plate,truck, guardrail,rail,goods shelf,isolation strip,green walkway,stair tread,etc.

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