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FRP electrolytic cell
Electrolytic cell

  Guaranteed long-term impermeability, free of corrosion, designed with a monolithic impermeable internal tank manufactured with multiple layers of fiber-reinforced premium vinylester resin. The specifications for this interal tank have been validated by proven impermeability and corrosion-free sevice for over 40years in the chemical processing industries worldwide.

  Swift, accurate and less costly installation
  Cells include features that alow reduction of 25% or more in time needed for cell erection, alignment and leveling compared to time required with conventional polymer concrete cells. Dimension tolerances for cells are consistently tight, simplifying installation in the most demanding applications, including plants with automated crane systems.

  Minimum cleaning time and water consumption
  The rounded internal shape, optional sloped cell floors, and smooth, flat finish of the internal tank, facilitate water sweeping and drainage of heavy sludge, with reduced water usage and accelerating return to service after each cleaning.

  Minimum maintenance cost
  The robust, virtually impervious internal tank that is chemically bound to the polymer concrete structural core during molding is tolerant to operating abuse. Its smooth, non-stick surfaces minimize adhesion of contaminants.

  Maximum operational safety
  The structural core of cells is bolstered with sturdy external seismic reinforcement blocks confining its floor supports, and includes a robust, internal bidirectional, pultruded FRP bar mesh reinforcement which positively maintains integrity should the cell fail due to catactrophic events. Cell installation protocols call for lateral wall collaboration between cells, thus reducing stress levels of cell around 40% under nomal operating conditions.

  Key accessories integrated with cell engineering
  Our company designs and manufactures cell thermal insulation, capping board and electrolyte agitation systems that can be incorporated in the cells, enhancing overall safety, cathode quality and tank house productivity.
   Physical properties table



Comperssion strength


Flexural strength

20~25 MPa

Young’s flexural modulus


Shear strength


Density (stabdard gannered)


Volume resistance


Dielectric strength


Thermal conductivity


Specific heat


Thermal expansion coefficient


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