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  1. FRP tank classify and introduction
  FRP tank divided into vertical type,horizontal type mechanical winding FRP tank,FRP transportation tank,FRP reaction tank,all kinds of chemical equipment,FRP horizontal tank,vertical tank,transportation tank,vessel and large-scale series vessel,according to the used(storage or transportation) medium choose epoxy furan resin,modofied or polyester resin, phenolic resin as binder,constitute of high resin content corrosion resistance inside liner layer,impervious layer,filament winding strength layer and surface protection layer.

  2. advantage and characteristic
  FRP product have good physical properties,the strength higher than the steel,cast iron and plastic,coefficient of heat conduction only have the 0.5 of steel,is one kind good of insulator about heat and electrical.FRP product have big design flexible,wall structure performace good,product working temperature on -50-200℃,pressure usually under the 6.4MPa.It have many characteristic like corrosion pressure,corrosion resistance,anti-aging,use longlife,light-weight,high strength,anti-leakage,thermal insulation,insulation,non-poisonous and surface smooth.
  Mechanical winding FRP vessel can through change the resin system or use different strength plastic to adjustment the production’s physicochemical property in order to adopted the different medium and working conditions,through the structural layer thickness,winding angle and wall thickness to design different pressure,is the outstanding feature about the filament winding composite material.

  3.applied range
  Can be widely used in many industries of petroleum,chemical,printing and dyeing,electricity,transportation,food make,artificially synthesized,water supply and drainage,sea water desalination,irrigation and national defence all kinds of corrosive medium,can be able to bear all kinds of acid,alkali,salt and organic solvent.main apply to petroleum,chemical,pharmacy,printing and dyeing,food make,water supply and drainage,transportation etc industries,adapted to all kinds of product’s storage and transportation like:HCL,H2SO4,HNO3,methanal,carbinol,drinks,hydrogen peroxide,sewage,sodium hypochlorite,also can do underground oil tank,thermal insulation tank,transportation tank etc.

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