FW-10000 Computer control filament frp tank  winding machine
FW-10000 Computer control filament frp tank winding machine
Classification:FRP production equipment
Release Date:2018/9/22

  Because of the need of chemical industry production,some manufacturers need large-size FRP vessel,the diameter more than 4000mm,this caused our transportation difficulties,to solve this different problem,our company developed the large field of computer control winding machine,this machine control center use advanced industrial personal computer,put all the winding product parameter into the machine;computer can finished the product winding procedure settings,then control the main axis(large-scale support)revolving speed and trolley run’s compound motion.The machine head and tail use combinational design,according to the difference diameter of the product,adjustment the hight of center. The tail can axial moving on the setting track,to meet needs of different length of product,this machine reasonable structure,easy operation,man-machine interface reasonable,the winding machine can meet large-scale chemical industry production’s needs completely.

  Main technical parameter
  1. Winding max.product diameter:10000mm
  2. Winding max.product length:12000mm
  3. Complete machine total power:14.76kw
  4. The max.speed of conveying roving:90m/min

  Structural feature
  1. It is adopted latest version winding software developed by ourselves,the roving arrangement is regular,enclosure is complete,the position of trolley is accurate,the wound result should be regular rhombuses checked by one piece of roving.The parameter such as the width of roving sheet,the winding length and the winding diameter are all not limited in the software.
  2. The functions of the control system include hand control,semi-automatic,automatic,emergency brake,limit switch protection and stepless regulation.It should not affect the linearity when the function of stepless speed regulation has been started.
  3. The machine head and tail use combine component,can according to the product’s different diameter respectively combination,use winding center on a reasonable height.

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