VFW-25000 Computer control filament frp tank  winding machine
VFW-25000 Computer control filament frp tank winding machine
Classification:FRP production equipment
Release Date:2018/9/22

  FW-25000 vertical type winding machine used for manufacturer FRP tank the diameter within 25000mm,is the inland most advanced,latest FRP product manufacture equipment.
  FW-25000 vertical type winding machine constituent of winding system,mould rotation,computer control and electronic control system.
  1. Winding system main constituent of vertical type rack,winding trolley,speed reduction gearing,serve motor,gumming device and creel.
  2. Mould rotary system constituent of engine base,rotary disk,speed reduction gearing.
  3. Computer control system constituent of transducer,encoder,industrial personal computer.
  Electronic control system.
  FW-25000 vertical type absorbing foreign advanced technology and experience design,superior performance,key components are imported or adopt domestic most advanced products,reliable operation,convenient for maintenance.
  1. Winding drive trolley up and down operational synchronous sprocket is design on the floor stand H steel for operational,the mould girder is removable,compact structure,safe and reliable,installation at the site convenient and efficient.
  2. Mould rotary disk main bearing can bear axial direction and radial direction load at the same time,make the rotary system design more compact,maintain more simpleness,operation more reliable.
  Inland most advanced computer control systen and electrical control system,enables you to follow one’s inclinationsly glass fiber yarn line speed and mould speed control in the ideal range.insure your product high quality,high production,low consumption,all the manufacturing process’s importance operating parameter and technological parameter all can computer screen take in everything in a glance
  Main technical parameter
  1. Winding diameter range:Φ4000-Φ25000mm
  2. Winding angle:55°-89°
  3. The max.winding height:not more than 7.5m
  4. Glass fiber yarn speed:0-90m/min

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