SY-2500 FRP pipe winding machie
SY-2500 FRP pipe winding machie
Classification:FRP production equipment
Release Date:2018/9/22

SY-2500 FRP pipe winding machie

     Our company product the demoulding machine has double gantry type,gantry type and triangle slide rail type.Double gantry type can divided into double arm type and double slide rail type.No matter which kind of demoulding machine,all use the oil pressure automatic operation,demoulding trolley use hydraulic lifting and descending,slide rail top cylinder use hydraulic concertina movement,the top cylinder working pressure can reached to 40-120t,winding engine use electric type,demoulding machine operation simple,working reliable,demoulding strength,high working efficiency,choose anyone.
  Constitute of the following parts:
  Demoulding machine thrust system 
  a. demoulding machine thrust oil cylinder(thrust 40-100t) 
  b. demoulding machine thrust oil tank base
  Demoulding machine to gantry system 
  a. demoulding machine to gantry 
  b. gantry movement oil tank
  Demoulding machine winding engine system 
  a.electric winding engine 
  b.winding engine support body 
  c.electric control system (3C authentication enterprise products)
  Mould support run trolley 
  a. trolley body 
  b. trolley lifting oil tank 
  c. pathway
  Hydraulic system 
  a. hydraulic pressure system 
  b. supply oil pipeline 
  c. electric control system (3C authentication enterprise products)

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