Potassium sulfate granulation machine
Potassium sulfate granulation machine
Classification:Chemical fertilizer equipment
Release Date:2018/9/22


 Our company is engaged in the research, development and manufacture of dry granulating equipment, and in strict accordance with ISO9001 international quality system standards implementation, to ensure product quality. As one of the most important branches of powder granulation, along with the environmental protection demand and the production process automaton degree enhancement, its importance day by day manifests. Dry type roller pressure granulation has the characteristics of low energy consumption, no need additional binder, low investment and wide ability range. Its process is without any binder, through extrusion into a mass or sheet, and then crushing, screening into granular products.


Specification are shown:

1. 5000TPA granulation production equipment

2. 10000TPA granulation production equipment

3. 20000TPA granulation production equipment

4. 40000TPA granulation production equipment

5. Provide equipment according to actual requirements of customers

Purpose are shown:

1. Fertilizers: potassium sulfate, potassium chloride, the Russian Red K, NPK fertilizer, ammonium sulfate and so on.

2. Powders: antioxidant, zinc oxide, lead oxide, potassium carbonate, feed additives, phosphogypsum, benefication agent, environmental protection materials etc. .

Service are shown:

We provide perfect construction drawing and sulfuric acid equipment; and guide the installation on site; at the same time, we can provide the design plan according to the customer’s actual situation.

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