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FRP roof centrifugal fan
FRP roof centrifugal fan
Classification:FRP products
Release Date:2018/9/26

  FRP fan features: High efficiency, low noise, less energy consumption, anti-corrosion, durable, easy maintenance.
Applied range of FRP fan: It is widely applied in the ventilation system of hotel, office building, market, laboratory, hospital, exhibition hall, tunnel, thermal power plant, factories and so on.
  Advantages of FRP fan:
  1.High temperature resistance: FRP fan meets the requirement of fire protecting rules of GBJ45-82 standard. It won’t be damaged for 20 hours in high temperature environment.
  2.Wide range of application: FRP fan can be adopted variable speed driving and multi-speed driving ways. We can use one machine for two functions including ventilation and smoke extraction according to the different requirements of high grade civil residence.
  3. High efficiency and less energy consumption:
  These FRP fans are designed and developed through the process of multi-objective optimization by advanced CAD series software. FRP fan efficiency exceeds 80% and some 85% through actual test. Its efficiency curve is flat in favor of less energy consumption. 
  4.Easy installation and small floor area:
  Fundamental form of this fan is axial flow fan. It can be connected to air ducts and installed with wall directly, so it need less floor area. It is adopted direct connection way of fan making operation more reliable and won’t be impacted by high wind quantity.

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