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FRP ladder type cable tray
FRP ladder type cable tray
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Release Date:2018/9/25


  Ladder type cable tray,used for laying the big diameter cable tray,special suitable for laying higher and lower power cable.Ladder,truck cable tray (T.P) type ladder,truck cable tray can widely used for petroleum,chemical,electric power,light industry,television,telecommunications,coal to laying cable. They have many characteristics like:attractive appearance,simple structure,easy installation(good heat dissipation and air permeability).ladder type cable tray suitable for the requirement about the power cable,also suitable for laying the control cable,also use clapboard to proceed the same layer cable tray laying power cable and control cable. Ladder,truck cable tray surface treatment is electrostatic spraying,galvanization,hot dip galvanizing and after galvanization spray again four kinds,can used for different environment,during heavy corrosion do special antiseptic treatment.
  Now the network type cable tray open structure not only let the cable max.range to ventilation and heat dissipation,save the energy consumption,optimized the cable performance,but also prevent the water,dust and clastic to accumulation,the bacteria not easy to breed,more cleaning,decrease the risk about the fire and other safety harm.
  Summarized down that:light weight,lighter than the traditional cable tray 30%-60%;90% open space,high strength mechanical,convenient to cut;can give full play to your imagination to configuration style freely;not need the screw and nut;can be designed the accessories to data cable;have compellent bearing capacity;save time and space for the customer,save 1/3 installation time than the traditional cable tray;unique bending method,faster and beautiful;under the high temperature of 1000℃,can maintain 90 minutes,protect the safety of the cable tray,is the most certified cable tray.

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