FRP pultruded sections
FRP pultruded sections
Classification:FRP products
Release Date:2018/9/25

  The frp pultruded sections produced by our company are used unsaturated polyester resin including isophthalic type, o-phthalate type, vinyl ester type, phenolic type and bisphenol A type as matrix and glass fiber as reinforced material. We first produce the forming mould same as the section shape the customer need, then produce various section continuously. The bend strength and impact strength of frp pultruded sections far exceed ordinary section. For use of glass fiber mat, the transverse strength of section is reinforced with good corrosion-resistance and fragmentation-resistance, so frp pultruded sections have great superiority than steel products. They are widely applied in chemical industry, petroleum industry, electric power industry and so on. Our company produces following frp pultruded sections including rectangular tube, round tube, bar, channel section, H-section, window profile, angle section and profiled bar.
  The frp pultruded sections also have the same advantages as other frp products such as light weight, high strength, good corrosion-resistance, anti-aging, good flame-resistance, great impact-resistance, good insulativity, no magnetism, good appearance, easy maintenance. FRP pultruded sections with high designability, various shape of frp pultruded sections can be connected and assembled appropriately to various frp products, for example cooling tower bracket, frp handrail, frp hence, frp ladder and frp pultruded grating.

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