FW-4000 Computer control filament frp tank  winding machine
FW-4000 Computer control filament frp tank winding machine
Classification:FRP production equipment
Release Date:2018/9/22

  Machinery summarize:

  FW-4000 type FRP winding machine use computer program automatic control,this machine human-computer interface reasonable,after the parameters inputted into the computer,the computer can be finished the product’s parameter design automatically,then control the compound motion about the mold speed and the trolley to finished the product loop winding,cross winding.

  This machine used for winding diameter Φ600-4000mm,FRP tank,FRP scrubbing tower,transportation tank,septic tank,FRP chimney,methane tank,large diameter pipeline,also used for other industries manufacturing linetype winding products.Positional accuracy,high anti-interference ability,convenient for operation and adjustment,flexible assembly,high production efficiency,multi-usage all its characteristics.

  Composition and structure

  1.Trolley run track(12m):including cycloid pin reducer,import servo system,walk chain,chain tight organization,encoder etc;

  2.Winding machine drive head(two axle):including gear reducer and chain wheel,chain,common motor,encoder etc;

  3.Removable tank,carriage;

  4.Winding trolley;

  5.Comb type gumming tank with charge blue device;

  6.Skeleton symbol tension creel;

  7.Microcontroller control cabinet;

  Technical parameters:

  1. Installed gross capacity:7.0kw

  2. Production Max.diameter:Φ4000mm

  3. Production Min.diameter:Φ600mm

  4. Production Max.length:12000mm

  5. The max speed of sand conveyance:120m/min

  6. The max width of roving sheet:300mm

  Control system:

  Control system have many functions like:handle conditions,cross conditions(automatic),loop towards conditions(can automatic or semi-automatic),forward and reverse winding,emergency cut-off,stepless speed regulation etc,during stepless speed regulation,not effect the linetype.Control system mainly constitute for the following hardware:

  1. Main engine use touch screen;

  2. Programmable logic controller;

  3. Trolley serve driving system;

  4. Main axis variable frequency driving system

  FW-1500 computer control winding machine

  FW-1500 computer control winding machine,is special equipment that can produce small-size FRP pipes and tanks,it has been matched the mould-unloading machine and forming set,its main properties are below:

  1. Production diameter range:25mm-1500mm

  2. The max. Winding length:12m

  3. Winding angle:45°-90°

  4. The total power:7kw

  5. The max.width of roving sheet:150mm

  6. The productivity:450kg/h

  7. Demould tension:5t

  It has advanced electrical control system,can count the winding plies,it is suitable ro the small-sized projects especially.

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