QFW-2500  Computer control filament winding frp pipe production line
QFW-2500 Computer control filament winding frp pipe production line
Classification:FRP production equipment
Release Date:2018/9/22

  QFW-2500  Computer control filament winding frp pipe production line
  Mould repairing machine is the important equipment about manufacture FRP mould,due to the mould is the important tool to manufacture the FRP pipe,also the standard for working.The good mould can produce the good pipe,and the bad quality can not produce the good pipe,alo hard to demoulding,then good mould produced the pipe small taper,perfect quality,no need to thicken the bell and spigot specially,so teh raw material also save specially,to produced the good FRP mould must be have the high accuracy and good quality repairing machine.due to our company the mechnical manufacture ability very good,so we use our equipment manufacture the repairing machine not only good quality but also more function,hign accuracy,ensure the produced mould,high quality,high accuracy.Due to our company product precision processing parts all use heat treatment,so use 30 years can trouble-free.
  Mould repairing machine parameter introduce
  Weight:33kg  Motor power:7.5kw  Drum rotation speed:21r/min  Swing angle:12°
  Drum rotation diameter:14mm  Grinding blade dimension:24mm
  Particle diameter:22mm  Install total capacity:22kw
  Overall dimension:15mm
  Our company produced the mould repaiing machine have the following function
  1.Reparing machine FRP pipe bell and spigot have the FRP pipe repairing machine all the function,can replace the pipe repairing machine repairing for the FRP pipe.
  2.According to the FRP pipe high requirement about the accuracy and degree of finish,can according to the requirement of process,repairing for the surface.Use repairing machine repair the pipe,surface accuracy too high,can meet all kinds of high accuracy ,high requirement product need,can used for spaceflight,rocket launching,aircraft manufacturing,military products,electrical industry production.
  3.Can repairing any FRP pipe mould,precise dimension,surface smooth,can not appear the back taper phenomenon absolutely,meanwhile use our repairing machine repaired the mould small taper,easy to demoulding,the pipe quality all good,can not appear the big taper,bell thicken and water material phenomenon.
Our company repairing machine characteristic
  High accuracy,pathway bed surface very smooth,run drag use high accuracy gear rack drive type,drive high accuracy,running speed smooth and steady,the repairing mould no gutter,no groove,hign accuracy and smooth finish,quality very good.
  Repairing machine head,use speed regulation motor,can according to the different diameter mould,use different rotate speed,simple adjustment,easy to operation.
  Repairing machine head use the power same with the domestic 3C certified the product,high output power,small power consumption.
  Grinding repairing axle through the thermal refining,high strength,durable.Due to the high processing accuracy,can meet the equipment high rotate speed special requirement,not bend,not twist,ensure the equipment repairing speed and high quality product after repairing.
  Repairing machine head base with guide rail match up with accuracy according to the machine tools match up type and accuracy,to meet all kinds of products grinding requirement.
  Running trolley use variable-frequency speed control system,can according to the different products,different accuracy requirements,use different sppeds,make the process products quality highest.
  Grinding head can change all kinds of mould,to meet the requirement of process all kinds of mould,all kinds of product and repairing pipe bell and spigot.

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