300TPD sulfuric acid equipment
300TPD sulfuric acid equipment
Classification:Chemical fertilizer equipment
Release Date:2018/9/22

In the international sulfuric acid production mainly using sulphur as raw material, sulfuric acid production by sulphur has the advantages of simple technological process, less investment, high hear energy utilization and good environmental benefits; and power consumption and utility cost low, no waste residue and waste water to discharge. Our sulfuric acid production technology basically adopts contact process, the solid sulphur is melted by indirect heating and mixing by steam, remove mechanical impurities of solid particles contained in liquid sulfur, and then burned with dry air in sulphur furnace to produce sulphur dioxide gas, through double conversion and double absorption, produce sulfuric acid.

Sulfuric acid production line specification are shown:

1. 50TPD sulfuric acid equipment

2. 100TPD sulfuric acid equipment

3. 150TPD sulfuric acid equipment

4. 200TPD sulfuric acid equipment

5. 300TPD sulfuric acid equipment

Provide equipment according to actual requirements of customers

Purpose are shown:

Sulfuric acid is one of the important products in the basic chemical industry, it not only as raw material for many chemical products, sulfuric acid used in the metallurgical industry and in the production of metals, particularly nonferrous metals; in the production process of petroleum products, such as gasoline and lubricating oil, concentrated sulfuric acid refining is required; and it’s also widely used in the production of fertilizers such as ammonium sulfate and calcium superphosphate; used in the production of pesticides such as copper sulfate, zinc sulfate can be used as fungicides, thallium sulfate can be used as rodenticide, ferrous sulfate, copper sulfate can be used as herbicide and so on.

Service are shown:

We provide perfect construction drawing and sulfuric acid equipment; and guide the installation on site; at the same time, we can provide the design plan according to the customer’s actual situation.

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