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Round reverse-flow cooling tower
Round reverse-flow cooling tower
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Release Date:2018/9/26

  Round reverse-flow cooling tower
  All cooling tower introduced by our company are all energy-saving type because of lower installed capacity of electric motor of same kind cooling tower at home and abroad. Low and ultralow noise type cooling towers are fit for air-conditioning refrigeration equipment and so on with its 3~8degree centigrade of temperature drop.
  Ultralow noise type cooling tower is added series noise control measures based on low noise type. Its noise value is 5dB(A) smaller than low noise type. It can be applied in the place that has higher requirement of noise such as hotel, hospital, public buildings and place close to residential area.
  The temperature drop of industry type middle and high temperature cooling tower is usually 10~15 degree centigrade. This type enlarge its tower body diameter, blast capacity, wind pressure, power, filling height and other series measures. It is applied in cooling the industry water with high temperature drop. Following are its types.
  DBNL 3 -100:D-Low noise;B-FRP;N- Counter flowing;L-Cooling tower;3-The third time model change and design;  100- Nominal flow is100m 3 /h on standard working condition;
  GBNL 3 -100:G- Industry type middle and high temperature cooling tower;
  CDBNL 3 -100:CD- Ultralow noise type;
  DBNL 3 J-100:J- Catchment type(Water pond of Catchment type is 300~400mm higher than ordinary type)
  DBNL3W-100:W-No water pond type.(No water pond type without bottom tower body can be installed above pond. It can increase the cooling effect and save equipment investment.)
  Select and use
  Before selection, you should choose the cooling tower type according to water yield Q, water inlet temperature t1,water outlet temperature t2 and wet bulb temperature τand thermal characteristic performance curve.
  For cold endurance of the material, it can be applied in -50 degrees area. But if the average temperature in coldest month is lower than -10 degree, customer should request anti-icing measure when ordering goods. We will add water guide collar in case water flow into window-shades.

  Turbidity of circulating water is lower than 50 mg/L and can exceed 100mg/L for short period. It should not has oil contamination and mechanical impurity and you should carry out algae removal and stabilizing water quality measures when necessary.

  The foundation drawing is used as installation reference. Water inlet and outlet pipe direction of big tower is the same with the drawing. While for the small tower, the direction can be set on any horizontal position, but it can’t touch the foundation. If there is foundation in middle place, its load capacity should be 25% of running weight and the other 75% weight is supported by outside rectangle foundation. If it is installed on the roof, you must consider additional pressure caused by wind.

  Cooling tower smaller than 125 type should install a support on the joint between outside outlet ,inlet pipe and cooling tower in case lot weight put on tower wall.
  Water distributor should be punched according to nominal flow. Customer should remind the manufacturer to change the hole size, if actual flow is more or less 15% flow of nominal flow. Pressure of water inlet pipe is equal to the pressure of 2m to 5m water column. Don’t design a too high pressure because it will overflow for excess flow.
  These cooling towers are suited for water temperature condition that don’t exceed 60 degree centigrade. If exceed, we can choose other material to solve. We can also offer inflaming retarding cooling tower for the customer.

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