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FRP rock bolt
FRP rock bolt
Classification:FRP products
Release Date:2018/9/26

  Product Features
  1.Rod body easy cutting: FRP rock bolt is easily cut for its composite material. It can protect the tool bit of coal mining machine and don’t need to recycle.
  2.Explosion-proof and antistatic: There is no spark when FRP rock bolt is being cut. It is safe for working in roadway.
  3.High rotproofness: Rod body possesses high bearing capacity and good stretching resistance. Its rod body strength is superior to the strength of same diameter of screw steel and 20% strength of same specification rebar. And furthermore it also has other advantages such as good fatigue resistance, good corrosion resistance, pretty erosion resistance of chloridion and low ph value solution. So it can be used as a temporary or long-term support.
  4.Handiness easy to operation: Weight of FRP rock bolt is just one fourth of the weight of the same specification steel rock bolt. It is convenient to using FRP rock bolt in small space such as coal mine and tunnel, making construction easy, work efficient, labor intensity low.
  5.FRP rock bolt is adopted pultrusion process to produce continuously and it can be cut into any length.
  6.FRP rock bolt and FRP screw steel material are widely applied in mine field, tunnel field, slope support field, railway field, building field, river way field, seawall field, military project protection field and so on.
  7.Good binding force of material: Coefficient of thermal expansion of FRP rock bolt is closer to cement than steel material. Bond stress of the combination of rod body and cement is stronger.
  8.Strong design ability: FRP elasticity modulus is stable and the size is stable with its heat stress. The material can be hot shaped arbitrarily for example bend shape.
  9.Good safety performance: FRP rock bolt doesn’t conduct heat, electric and can prevent burning and are antistatic. There is no spark when FRP rock bolt crashes with metal.
  10. Easy construction: We can produce various standard parts and nonstandard parts with different sections and length. It is convenient to colligating by using nonmetal puller strap on site.

  Product merits:
  1. Production technology: One time molding of full thread FRP rock bolt
  2. Production speed: The production speed is fast. We can produce more than 1.5 m within one minute.
  3. Torsion of rod body: The torsion of FRP rock bolt is large. The range of different rod body is from 60 NM to 160NM.
  4. Rod body and nuts are combined closely making FRP rock bolt good performance.
  5. High bearing capacity: Plate and nuts are both patented and the bearing capacity of FRP rock bolt is above 150NM.

  Method of application:
  After drilling by jumbolter, take down the drill pipe and insert the outside hexagon of rock bolt erector into adapter sleeve of drill pipe and then insert gland nut into inside hexagon. Insert anchoring agent into rock bolt hole,hold anchoring agent by rock bolt,promote landing leg movement and send anchoring agent to hole bottom .To start jumbolter for about 10s to 15s(set time of anchoring agent), leaving rock bolt stirring anchoring agent,then turn it off until FRP rock bolt reaches hole bottom. Downtime is about 30s to 45s according to solidification time of anchoring agent. Start jumbolter again and tighten end nuts of rock bolt. By this time, the rock bolt is installed and motor of jumbolter stops spin.

  Transport and storage
  1.FRP rock bolt can’t be casted and knocked when transporting
  2.Rod body should be stored in a cool ventilated dry place and the storage time can’t exceed one year.
  3.Anchor end can’t be tainted with oil contamination and thread of rock bolt end can’t be damaged.

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