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FRP centrifugal fan
FRP centrifugal fan
Classification:FRP products
Release Date:2018/9/26

  Products features:
  1.Fans and anti-explosion fans produced by our company are new type anti-corrosion centrifugal fans meeting national standard. We use high quality carbon steel as framework combining with polyester FRP material made by special technology. They have the characteristics of good corrosion resistance as FRP fan and good structure strength as steel fan.
  2.Centrifugal fan can discharge corrosive gas whose temperature don’t exceed 80℃ and can be applied in ordinary factory for ventilation. Anti-explosion and centrifugal fan is applied in anti-explosion and ventilation system. Its performance and structure are same with fan.
  3.Fan consists of impeller, casing, air inlet, support and so on. Fan needs transmission system if № above 6C.A type is transmitted by impeller and electric motor, C type belt, D type coupling. While transmission way can be made according to customer’s requirement.
  A、Wings of impeller are backward inclined. Its material of framework is high quality carbon steel and its surface material polyester FRP material made by special technology. It has characteristics of strong strength and good aerodynamic performance. Its balance quality can reach G 5.6 grade, so it can revolve smoothly.
  B、Its casing structure is volute made of FRP. Its inside surface is smooth with low resistance. Air inlet is made of FRP with progressive refinement shape. To fix the inlet of casing by bolts after processing, the air can enter into impeller smoothly for low resistance.
  C、Transmission group: Principal axis of 3 kinds of drive of A,C,D type are all made of high quality steel. There is a special protective coating when fan is touching with corrosive gas. They can be maintained easily with its simple structure.
  D、There supports are welded with A3 steel.

  Applied range: They are usually used as auxiliary equipment of various waste gas purification tower.
  Other description: Fan installation, adjustment, commissioning.
  1.You should check whether every fitting is tight, it can run flexibly, there is sundries in casing.
  2.Function surface of fan and foundation and wind pipe connecting inlet and outlet should both be adjusted making them naturally. Don’t connect forcefully and do not support the weight of wind pipe by casing making it abnormal. The wind pipe connecting inlet to outlet should be hosepipe and pay attention to the horizontal position of fan.
  3.Stir the impellers and check whether they can run flexibly after installation and adjust if there is any problem.
  4.Carry out commissioning until each part is normal. Control electricity strictly and don’t exceed rated value when commissioning. Start the fan in zero-load state in case fan is burned. If it is in good condition, you can adjust the valve to specified working condition.

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