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FRP square cross-flow type cooling tower
FRP square cross-flow type cooling tower
Classification:FRP products
Release Date:2018/9/25

  Structural features
  The wind enters form two sides, and the fan at the top will make the air go through the packing at the sides, and does the heat exchange with hot water; the wet & heated air will be exhausted out. Because there are extruded points, the water drop will not fall down directly, and the water membrane will be easily formed. The tail part of packing is high, and there are water collecting measures.
  Low speed, and low pressured, wing shaped FRP blade is adapted for fan. Polyester fiber reinforced dynamic belt is used which is low noised, high driven speed, and will not get slide when it meet the water. Because the wind will enter from both sides, the packing can be piled up from the bottom of water pond to water distributor. So there is no water drop sound as counter flow tower, and this is very useful for reducing the noise. Considering on convenient installation, the base of cooling tower can be sat on the rectangular concrete foundation.
  Select and use matters need attention
  This cooling tower used for the areas which the most cooling month the average temperature not lower than -10℃.If the temperature too low,should consider the frozen questions about the pipeline and water tank.In necessity should add the electrical heated tube in the water tank.
  This product the hot water temperature can not more than 65℃,if need to more than 65℃,should request the water temperature when ordered.Then we will consider the material .if there have requirement about inflaming retarding or fire-retardant,should product according to the local fire department to the FRP oxygen index requirement,to install the roof cross flow tower,we suggest the user to choose the inflaming retardant FRP cooling tower,the FRP oxygen index all can reach to 》31or 》35.
  On both side installed the inlet water pipe,then connect to the water distribution tank,the user should at the connect pipe place setting the valve,used to adjust the water flow,inlet water pipe can introduce from the follow dry pipe,all can put the dry pipe on the tower,this time,the piping support should land up the cooling tower side beam.The outlet water pipe can choose any inlet air direction,connect out from the tower bottom outlet water tank,can not connect out from the side plate.
  The water distribution hole on the water distribution tank holed according to the normal flow,if the actual flow exceed the normal flow 25%,should inform our company.

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